Edlynn's Recyle & Rejoice Project 

*************************Our Mission*************************

Recycle and Rejoice! Through this project, we will not only help the environment by minimizing the size of landfills and minimizing pollution, and conserve Natural Resources, we will help fight hunger, poverty in Los Angeles by assisting those in need. We will fill emptiness caused by hunger with Food, Clothing, Assistance and Hope.

*************************The process*************************

Recyclable materials will be recycled. Take a picture of your bag/bags. Donate the money you recycled. Your name will be listed. Now REJOICE for helping the environment while helping the homeless individuals!

If you choose to simply donate, we will utilize the donation to purchase BIODEGRADABLE items for the homeless individuals in the Los Angeles area.

Trial-Run Date: January 2021 until 2nd week of November 2021. *SUCCESS! Reached over $500 of our goal!*

Second-year: January 2022 until 2nd week of November 2022. Focused on assisting LAUSD students experiencing homelessness. (Will continue to November 2024)

**************FUND GOAL: $1000 by end of November 2024**************

How will we use the $1000 collected from all the donations? 

Upon meeting the $1000 goal by the end of the second week of November, we will visit 99cents store/Power Dollar/Dollar Tree* at a nearby location in Los Angeles and we will spend at least $1000 to gather basic necessities such as toothpaste, toothbrush, face towel, wipes, mouthwash, socks, shirts, etc. (we haven't figured out the list of items that will be placed in a small recycleable bag to be given to homeless individuals around the Los Angeles Area) The receipt will be uploaded to the website, pictures of the goods purchased will be posted, and with the permission of individuals who are given the bag of items will be posted on the site as well. **For the 2023-2024 year, we will gather school supplies such as pencils, pens, erasers, colored pencils, calculators, notebooks, notebook binders and more! --These items will either be placed in our CUSTOM-MADE bags or backpacks purchased at a local store...or even from AMAZON!--

**Update** Biodegradable/recycleable basic necessities will be purchased from specific online retailer that sell recyclable/biodegradable items!**

Why am I doing this? 

I was born in the Philippines and lived in an area where poverty is common.  I came to the U.S. when I was only 7 years-old and it was definitely a new world! As a young child, I thought Americans lived more of a better life than those living in the Philippines. Oh boy, was I wrong! We have fellow Americans living in poverty...living in tents! Unbelievable!

So, to answer THAT question- I simply want to give back to the community and provide a slight bit of joy to individuals who cannot afford the basic necessities during the holidays (Thanksgiving/Christmas). I am hoping more people will help and give back to the community!

Any individuals who want to be part of this project, please feel free to email me at RecycleandRejoice@gmail.com

Any organizations that want to collaborate, please feel free to email me at EMAIL 

**********************Date Founded: 11.8.2020**********************

All those who donated, names will be listed on this site. Anonymity option is available. 

Please, click on the PAYPAL button below and donate the amount from your recyclable materials and/or if you simply just want to donate, that would amazing also! 

If you want to donate, please click on the link above. Or you could Venmo to @Edlynn-Villalon 

TOTAL: $120

(GOAL $1000 by end of NOVEMBER 2024)

THank you to the following:

Edlynn V., $100

Sara V., $20


Edlynn V. $20.00, $45 from Ebay item sold (10%), $69 from Ebay item sold (10%), $50, Sara V. $20, Arlene V. $10.00, Edgar V. $10, Mike V. $10, Nou V. $10

Byron A. $25 , Mina T. $10, Jeffrey V $10 plus $153 from his FB SoCal Sports and TCG Collections  (Zong Y., Kou Y., Fue V., Elmo V., Vwj Y., GeeNou V., Kaly X.), Joel L. $50 

Mee V. $25. Anonymous donor $50, Thomas P. $50, Tu & Rj - $50, Ericka G. - 1 box(25 pieces) FluidGard 160 Antifog Mask with Shield, 1 box(60 pieces) 1.0 fl. oz. hand sanitizers

********ITEMS TO BE INCLUDED in the R&R CARE package********


-bag to store these items (Customized drawstring bags with the "Recycle & Rejoice" logo )




-water bottle 


pencils, pens, erasers, colored pencils, calculators, notebooks, notebook binders, backpacks

-more items to be included....Please, come back and we will update more items to be included in the bag. Thank you!


                                              Edlynn V., RN, BSN